Honesty . Quality . Accountability


  • Our professionalism:

We come to your site with fully stocked vehicle, with a list of planned activities that would make the job as smooth as possible. We finish the job on time and leave your site clean everyday, without any equipment, left over materials or trash lying around.

  • We’re covered by the WSIB:

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is an independent trust agency that provides work place insurance and compensation for work related injuries. This is to make sure you as our customer are not liable for any unpaid premiums that we as the contractor should have paid to the WSIB for coverage. When we are covered, you are also covered by the WSIB.

  • We’re fully licensed:

Our owner, Adam, has been a master electrician for many years. You will see our Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)/Electrical Contractor Registration Agency (ECRA) license # 7008638 on our website and work vehicles.

  • We take pride in our quality of work:

Having renovated his own house, Adam and his team go by the rule of thumb: treat your house as one of our own. No matter what type and size of the project, at CanNam Electric, we provide work with high quality, from very tidy panel installation to handling your chandelier with care.

  • We provide you with honest, expert advice:

It’s hard starting a project with so many variables. We always try our best to make your decision making process easier, by providing you honest advice with both pros and cons.

  • We provide free quote:

Before our electricians begin work, CanNam Electric provides a free estimate, clearly explaining each aspect of your job and our procedures.

  • We focus on energy savings and always keep up to date with latest technology and products:

At CanNam Electric, we believe in green and renewable energy. Any contributions to save energy help reducing net carbon emissions and pollution. Nowadays, more and more products come out with better energy efficiency, which is what we are looking for.

  • We deliver:

You can count on us to have your projects done, done right and on time.

  • Adam’s personality and enthusiasm:

Adam is passionate about all things electric. He is enthusiastic about your projects as much as you are. After all, you start a project because you want a better, safer, more efficient environment for your homes, stores or work spaces. With a friendly, honest and trustworthy approach, you will feel comfortable with Adam and his team working with you to make your projects happen.