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Honeywell’s New Voice-Activated Thermostat

Read it here: The Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control builds on the the company's Smart Thermostat line that debuted in April of this year. Like its predecessors, the new unit features a color-customizable touchscreen display that allows the unit to blend in with the room's paint scheme; an intuitive, interview-style 7-day scheduling function; Wi-Fi

Lutron Announces New Integration Capabilities for its Caséta® Wireless® Smart Home Solution for Mobile Devices

Read it here: Lutron Announces New Integration Capabilities for its Caséta® Wireless® Lutron’s Caséta® Wireless® dimmers, Serena™ remote-controlled shades, Pico® remote controls, and third-party devices are connected to the Lutron App via the Lutron Smart Bridge, providing an affordable smart home solution for the do-it-yourself or do-it-for-me consumer. The Lutron App is compatible with any iOS

The future is bright for Solar industry

Read here: Four reasons solar is taking off Schnell says solar has four main benefits that support his prediction. The performance of solar PV modules is constantly improving. Solar is already cost competitive with coal and nuclear. A recent Deutsche Bank study found that solar will soon be as cheap or cheaper than average electricity bill prices in

The rise of net-zero homes

Read here: How to build your own net-zero home If you want to build a successful net-zero project it comes down to three key points: Energy conservation Passive solar design Renewable (solar) energy production Energy Conservation: Your net-zero home needs a high quality building envelope. You need super insulated walls and ceilings, quality energy efficient windows and it all has

Google’s Sun Roof

Google has announced its latest non-search-related venture: Google Sunroof. Rather than a direct hardware rollout like the Fiber internet startup, Sunroof is purely about outreach: if you don’t believe that solar power could improve your life, sunroof could show you the light. Read more