For residential homes, power is distributed from hydro lines via a transformer which reduces the high voltage to 120/240V

Most modern homes are wired to receive 240V from the transformer, and through the use of split-phase electrical power, can have both 120V receptacles and 240V receptacles. The 120V  is used for lighting and most wall outlets. The 240 volt outlets are for  the water heater and clothes dryer. Sometimes a 240 volt outlet is mounted in the garage for machinery or for charging an electric car.

For large commercial buildings and condominiums, electrical load is usually much higher, so the owners usually purchase electricity at high voltage as it’s cheaper. The building will then needs to distribute its power via its own transformers, switchgears and multiple breaker panels.

At CanNam Electric, we provide the installations of the complete power distribution in large commercial buildings, including transformers, low and medium voltage switchgears, busway and breaker panels.

Multi-tenant metering or submetering:

In addition to power distribution in large building, we also provide installation of multi-tenant metering system that allows landlords to bill tenants for individual power consumption.

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