CanNam Electric believes in green, renewable energy and sustainable living. By installing solar power on your roof, you help to reduce CO2 emission and optimize energy consumption. There’s also a long term ROI that you can benefit from.

Solar panel is an array of solar modules that utilize the light energy from the sun (which is free) to generate electricity. A solar system includes a solar panel, a solar inverter and a battery.

There are different types of how you use and incorporate solar panel in your home and offices:

  • Self-consumption: Energy produced by solar power is prioritized. Your home or office would benefit from small usage charge for consumption from the grid, and with backup power, it guarantees no power outage to your premise.
  • Off-grid: Your home or office is completely independent from Hydro One and you pay no electricity bill.
  • Grid-tied: You as the home/office owner can make profit by selling the solar electricity back to the grid. You will need to participate in Ontario FIT/MicroFIT program (Feed-In Tariff). For more information, please go to:
  • Backup power: Your home or office will still have power during power outage.

We provide the installation of solar panel on your premise, including power conversion and electrical distribution. Feel free to call us to talk about different solar panel products and solutions that you are considering.