Imagine you are driving home from work and it’s already pretty dark outside. Your garage senses your car in the drive way and automatically opens to let you in. Your porch light and your hallway lights are already turned on by themselves when you were 300m away from your house. Your thermostat automatically increases the temperature to warm up the house half an hour before you get home, because it decreases the temperature after you left home in the morning to go to work.  You open your smart phone and choose “Cooking” scene, where the pendants, under cabinet lights and pot lights in your kitchen are on at the dimming level you desire, but all other lights are off, allowing you to prepare for dinner. There are also other scenes on your phone, like “Dining”, “Entertainment”, “Good night” and “Good morning” that have the appropriate lights on for you. You can also control your thermostat and your window shades from your phone. You would also sit down after dinner and open the app to access your security cameras, which recorded all activities while you are away. And when you want to have some entertainment, you reach out to your universal remote that turns on the appropriate devices all at once depending on what you want to watch: certain channel on TV, Netflix, or music, throughout your home entertainment system. Or you can even command it to that instead of pushing buttons.

We can help you have all that, and you can call your home a smart one.

At CanNam Electric, we provide smart home solutions that allow the control and automation of lighting, heating and cooling, security and entertainment in your house.

The following home automation products have been tested and recommended by us.

  1. Lighting:
  1. Heating and Cooling:
  • Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat
  • Lutron Wireless Thermostat
  1. Smoke and Carbon monoxide Alarm:
  • Nest Protect – 2nd Generation
  1. Home Security:
  1. Entertainment:
  • Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Remote Controller
  • Amazon Echo Voice Controller
  • Sonos Sound System
  • Sony Home Theatre AV receiver

Feel free to call CanNam Electric for questions about home automation, discuss the technology, and book an appointment to see the demo in our office.