A firm believer in the future of electric cars, Adam Price and his team provide electric vehicle charging station installation for home and commercial offices.

Levels for charging speed:

  1. Level 1: 120V/15A

This comes standard with your electric vehicle, which you can plug in to a regular wall socket.

  1. Level 2: 240V/30A

This allows your car to be fully charged in 10 to 12 hours. This is the most common charging station for home and offices, and is the level that is eligible for rebates from Ontario government.

  1. Level 3: 480V/100A

This allows your car to be fully charged in 25-30 minutes (super charger).

Things to consider:

  1. Location of the plug and charging cable length:

Choose the best spot for your car to be parked and charged. This could be in the garage or on the driveway if you don’t have a garage. The cable length from the charging equipment to the charging port on your vehicle should be flexible, allows for easy reach.  We might need to run conduit depending on where you park your car. For installation on the driveway, you will need an outdoor mounting unit that is weather proof.

  1. Decide whether the installation will be permanent or portable:

Portable installation allows you to relocate the charging location, as well as to take the charging equipment with you when you move.

  1. Make sure your house have proper electrical service that can handle the extra load of the charger:

If your house has old wiring, consider rewiring your house with new meter and breaker panel before installation of electric vehicle charger. Note that level 2 charging speed (30 amps) will need a circuit breaker rated for at least 40amps.

You can also benefit from the province incentive program for electric vehicle charging station. For more information please go to:

Feel free to contact Cannam Electric and talk more about electric car charging station, what kind of electric car you have, and even discuss the future of electric vehicle with the owner.