Efficient interior lighting for best ambiance

CanNam Electric’s lighting designs and installation can improve both your home’s interior décor and energy usage. For new construction or home renovation, now is the perfect time to have the lighting you want for ambiance and safety. Consult with our master electrician to see how focused pot lights and energy-saving LED lighting can transform any room in your house.

We provides the following services in interior lighting:

  • Pot lights
  • Kitchen pendants and under cabinet lighting
  • Living room and dining room fixtures
  • Bedroom lighting and fixtures
  • Bathroom lighting and fixtures
  • Shoplights for garages, basements or game rooms
  • Step lights for stair way
  • Track lighting
  • Lighting controls: plugs, switches and dimmers

Landscape and Outdoor Lighting for Security & Curb Appeal

Extend your property improvements outdoors with expert landscape lighting design and installation from CanNam Electric. Show off your home in the best light while adding a layer of security. From walkway lighting to home illumination, you can have both curb appeal and energy savings.

Add even more energy efficiency by controlling your lighting with home automation technology. At CanNam Electric, we can show you how it works. Call us today for more information and a free estimate