Electricity is dangerous. That’s why the certified electricians of CanNam Electric offer some useful tips for electrical safety before what seems like an annoyance can lead to a possible disaster. From troubleshooting common problems to wiring for a home renovation, electrical knowledge is important. Above all, when in doubt, call your trusted, certified electrician for help.


Wiring for Your New Home or Renovation
When planning a project, make sure your contractor has a licensed electrical contractor working on the job. Ask for the electrical contractor’s company name and ask for their credentials. You can always check if they are licensed on the Electrical Safety Authority website.


Occasional Tripped Circuits
Occasionally you will trip a circuit in your electrical panel, and you’ll know when. You’re in the bathroom with the exhaust fan running and all the lights on. Then you flip the switch on your hair dryer. No fan, no lights, no dryer.

Basically you have overloaded the circuit that carries electricity to your bathroom. It may have been wired to safely handle the usual load of lights, fan, an electric toothbrush charger and no more. Or that circuit is also wired to your hallway lights and outlets.

What to do? After you reset the tripped circuit on your electrical panel, call a certified electrician to troubleshoot overloads. Also request they check what room’s wiring runs into each circuit in your breaker box and label each breaker switch accordingly.


Seriously Overloaded Circuits
Does your air conditioning consistently trip a circuit when it turns on? Does running your microwave dim the kitchen lights? Have you noticed that certain outlets in your home feel warm?

If you have an older electrical panel, it may no longer be able to handle the typical power usage in your home, or your large appliances aren’t wired to their own higher-rated circuit breakers. These are signs you need an upgrade or addition for your electrical panel, and soon. Call your electrician today.


Electrical Outlet Safety
Do you need extension cords for nearly every electrical outlet in your home to handle all of your lamps and electronics? Do you have two kitchen appliances sharing the same outlet? Does your home still have older, standard electrical outlets in the kitchen, bathroom or basement?

Each of these situations poses a fire or shock hazard. Call CanNam Electric for installation of more outlets with the correct wattage and an electrical panel upgrade. We also provide ground fault circuit interrupters for electrical outlets in all areas of your home where water is present.


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